Student life at MOIA — gaining an impact on future mobility

MOIA Engineering
3 min readJul 29, 2022

by: Kim-Karolin Witt, Klara Becker, Tom Wüsten, Pascal Schischke, Tim Wittkowski and Hatice Berfin Erdogan

Our student community at MOIA is constantly growing, but we try to stay connected and learn from each other. Our community consists of interns and working students. Working students work part-time at MOIA alongside their studies to gain their first experience in the working environment. As students, we receive support at MOIA while being full member of the team, which means taking responsibility and being trusted. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, have a look at this one, as it describes our culture best.

In this picture you see three people, walking and talking to each other. The people in the picture are different from each other, and so are we: We move in different ways: some walk, some skate, and we all have our individual pace.

As students, we have the freedom to design our own way of working. That means we can be flexible with our working hours, work independently, and are also encouraged to learn from our mistakes. In the end, we combine our strength to reach what we are passionate about: A shared journey towards an easier, smarter and more meaningful future. Therefore, MOIA is always interested in offering students the opportunity to become a full- time employee after graduation.

To give you some ideas:

  • Tom (Working Student Data Platform) — enabling other teams to access data and create value. Our tech and product teams are always looking for new talents, feel free to apply initiative.
  • Pascal (Intern Marketing) — organizing an event for more than 200 people.
  • Tim — (Working Student Design) — being responsible for optimizing the design of our client mailings for the best possible design on any device along with the marketing team
  • Berfin (Intern T4i) — connecting with people and strengthening your own drive to act in line with integrity. Within the interface with VW, we always have some special projects coming up.
  • Klara and Kim (Intern and Working Student People & Relations) — actively shaping our Employer Brand. We offer a wide range of experience in various professional fields such as legal, accounting, controlling and People & Relations.

MOIA loves to design the future, but to do so, we need to think outside of the box, try new things and fail, only to try again tomorrow. On our side, we have experienced coworkers, who love to share their knowledge and are always curious about your ideas. But sometimes the best ideas come from having a drink after work or simply exchanging thoughts during a coffee chat. Every way of thinking is welcome — no idea is too crazy for us.

To be honest: It was not easy to keep up this spirit in the student community during the pandemic. But especially nowadays we try to get to know each other better and better. That’s why we energized the community again and we are meeting after work, creating student workshops or simply talking remotely on a regular basis.

In the end — what makes the student community special at MOIA?

  • There’s room to design my own way of working.
  • My opinion counts.
  • I get to work with open and warm people, who are always happy to share their knowledge.
  • Everyone is passionate about the product and the mission we have. We believe in MOIA.

P.S.: This blogpost underlines the way we work: We collected the content in a workshop, Tim, who is a working student in the design team, created this cool illustration and I am bringing everything together to publish it in our network.

Written by: Kim-Karolin Witt