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7 min readJun 7, 2023


by: Benjamin Möhle & Pepe Tatay Monfort

Starting a new job can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. In the end, it’s out with the old and in with the new. You may be finishing up everything at your previous company, completed your studies, or want to get started back into it after a long break.

At MOIA, we believe that providing a well-organized and self-guided onboarding experience is key to helping you settle in quickly and smoothly.

If you are interested to learn more about our culture at MOIA or if you are about to join the team and would like to see what we have in store for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will give you a glimpse into what the onboarding journey at MOIA looks and feels like, so let’s get started.

Preboarding: Setting the Tone for a Great Start

We recently revamped our onboarding journey to ensure that we’re with you every step of the way and to stay in touch with you when you fire up your engine to get started at MOIA. Our preboarding phase begins as soon as you sign your contract and is designed to provide you with a personalized experience ahead of your first day with information to set you up for a smooth start in digestible chunks via a modern interface.

A look into our automated onboarding workflow

The closer we get to your start date the more is also happening behind the scenes to make your start at MOIA a memorable experience. While the excitement to welcome you builds up, your team is preparing an onboarding specific to your role and the scope of the team; the People & Relations team is busy setting up the welcoming for the group of newbies for the month; your people manager gets ready for an exciting growth journey with you; our Digital Workplace team sets up your digital working environment magically, and so on. Like anything at MOIA, onboarding is a collaborative effort and a team sport!

Onboarding also means that we need to take care of some administrative points before you start. This is usually not the most exciting part of onboarding (we know!) but ensures that we are set when you are with us so that you can focus on what counts: getting settled and mingling with the team from day 1.

The First Day: Getting Settled and Making Connections

In the morning of our first day, you most likely are feeling a delightful mix of excitement and anticipation about the day ahead. No worries, we are there to welcome you together with the other newbies and make sure there’s enough time to grab a coffee or another drink before you are off to the onboarding with our colleagues from the Digital Workplace team. From software to hardware, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge of the tools we use at MOIA. After some magic from their side, you are equipped to dive into the MOIA world and make personal tweaks to your setup.

Continuing with your 1st day, you will join the Welcome Session hosted by the People & Relations team, where we’ll set the stage for the journey ahead. During this session, we share insights about MOIA, our people, and our business. By the time we finish, it’s already time for a well-deserved lunch break together with colleagues from your team. In the end, onboarding is not only about getting tools and information. The first connections that you make are crucial for a good start. And what better way to do that than over delicious food!

In the afternoon, you will embark on an office tour exploring MOIA’s dynamic workspaces that fuel creativity and collaboration. Showing you around are our lovely office managers both in our Hamburg and Berlin offices. During the tour, you will get to know the office, the kitchen rules, and where to find all the hidden secrets. This is also when you get introduced to our comfortable reading corners, napping rooms, and ping pong tables to name a few. The most exciting part is probably the introduction to our paternoster (a rare and old elevator) in our Hamburg office.

After reading all this you might think “wow that’s a lot!” and you are right. That’s why we decided to keep it light for the second half of the day and let you spend the afternoon with your team and setting everything up. Beyond day 1, we want you and your team to take control of your onboarding journey.

Putting you into the Driver Seat: Self-guided Onboarding & our Onboarding Sessions

At MOIA, we believe in self-organization and therefore encourage you to take the driver’s seat in your onboarding process. Each team has their individual onboarding plan on how to get you on board as quickly and efficiently as possible. The teams are also actively sharing their onboarding plans, so we inspire each other and always look for room for improvements for the individual onboarding plans in the different teams.

After the official onboarding, you will receive useful information to make your start as smooth as possible: This includes access to our MOIA Knowledge Lab, a guide for setting up your growth journey for you and your people manager, and an invitation to join our onboarding sessions.

Our Onboarding Sessions

At MOIA, we believe that understanding our work and organizational structure is essential for you to hit the ground running. That’s why we have created our Onboarding Sessions, a comprehensive set of knowledge-sharing sessions that are designed to provide deeper insights into MOIA’s products, strategy, and culture, as well as an opportunity to connect with other new hires to empower you with the knowledge and insights necessary to thrive in our company culture.

During these sessions, colleagues from various teams will share their expertise and provide valuable insights into their respective roles at MOIA. By participating, you will gain a profound understanding of our setup and witness the exciting projects that are currently underway firsthand.

All sessions are voluntary, you decide the pace and order of the sessions. Since they happen every month, you can set the tone: Perfect to accommodate different styles from soaking up all information right away to spreading the sessions into smaller pieces throughout the first few months. Ultimately, you are creating your own onboarding journey!

One of the highlights among our onboarding sessions is getting a tour of one of our hubs in Hamburg by our colleagues from the MOIA Operations Company seeing the operational side of MOIA firsthand: Talking to some of our drivers, learning about the charging infrastructure or simply seeing that many MOIA vehicles in one place is just impressive.

The MOIA hub in Hamburg Wandsbek

While you gained a lot of valuable insights in the onboarding sessions, your onboarding doesn’t stop once you’ve completed them, but rather transforms into focussing on your growth journey beyond your first month.

To Infinity and Beyond: Accompanying your Growth Journey

At MOIA, we believe that everyone should grow not only as a team but also individually. Therefore, the development of skills and personality is crucial for a healthy development within your role.

We feel especially proud that MOIA supports everyone to grow not only as a team but also individually. But even better, we believe that every new person that joins the team brings a unique and diverse perspective that helps everyone to improve. And that is a synergy that we proudly foster from day one. To support you especially during your first months we created our growth journey, a framework to support you with establishing a valuable feedback process between you and your people manager to let you focus on your growth and skill development.

Since learning comes in many forms, and to help you navigate all the possibilities to learn happening at MOIA we have created our MOIA Knowledge Lab, a comprehensive overview of our internal workshops and trainings, coaching and other learning opportunities.

And to make sure everything is on the right track we repeatedly ask you for your feedback about your onboarding and the first months with us and check in for a coffee once you settled in a bit.

Ready to get started?

At MOIA, we are proud of our personal and unique onboarding journey that is designed to make our touchpoints match your needs. From preboarding to self-guided onboarding, we believe in providing a smooth start to your growth journey.

Would you like to experience our onboarding journey firsthand? Check out our career page and find your next job at MOIA.