We, the team at Route Optimization, are primarily responsible for ensuring that the incoming requests are matched with our MOIA fleet to the best of our customers’ satisfactions. That is easier said than done, for customer satisfaction comes at a price. And for us it became evident this year how much we would be required to pay.

Happy remote hacking!

In the beginning of November, the Hackathon was announced during our Company Breakfast (a monthly all-hands, usually with breakfast together, but now remotely, of course) and we were asked to pitch our ideas…

From left to right: Jonas Ackermann, Reem Salous, Marius Hojenski, Korbinian Koch

These are the their stories:

When Jonas first joined MOIA as a working student for Scala in 2018, it was his first time dealing with Scala. …

Our Agile Coaches Antonela Mestrovic (on the left) and Laura Schulz (on the right).

What does agile mean at MOIA?

Antonela: To me, agile is about finding creative and…

MOIA Engineering

Our code on the road to future mobility.

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