by Yannick Block

Participating in a hackathon this year wasn’t like any other. In 2019, we gathered for a town hall meeting on site, pitched our ideas and formed small groups. We then spread out in a co-working place in a fun little corner of Sternschanze and started to hack. We met later for lunch together, and had some celebratory drinks in the evening.

Now, enter 2020.

Happy remote hacking!

In the beginning of November, the Hackathon was announced during our Company Breakfast (a monthly all-hands, usually with breakfast together, but now remotely, of course) and we were asked to pitch our ideas…

by Laine Bluma & Joseph Hill

We know the Pacemaker as a device that helps a person’s heart beat in a regular rhythm or as a person who is running in front of the group and is defining the rhythm for them, similarly at MOIA we use “Pacemaker” as a ritual, which enables regular pulses of change and improvements across the organization, to help it grow and live.

A bottom-up culture these days is not a new term. More and more companies empower their employees to share their ideas and to be part of the companies’ success, but the way…

by Sophie Martin & Antonela Mestrovic

Can you imagine a working environment where you can select your role and team based on what you are good at, what you are passionate about, and how you can contribute best to the success of your company — all without talking to your supervisor? This is how we chose our ideal teams at MOIA when we self-reorganised and evolved the whole structure of our Product Development Organisation in the beginning of 2020.

We develop our digital products in a highly dynamic market and grew significantly to around 200 employees over the past two…

Having a lively community with curious working students and interns at MOIA is important to us. We love getting new perspectives and support from our students, and at the same time, it’s great to accompany them in their transition from university to professional work. Have you ever wondered what this looks like at MOIA? Here are four of our colleagues giving you a glimpse into their experiences.

From left to right: Jonas Ackermann, Reem Salous, Marius Hojenski, Korbinian Koch

These are the their stories:

When Jonas first joined MOIA as a working student for Scala in 2018, it was his first time dealing with Scala. …

by Anne Herwanger & Gabi Wegner

A couple of weeks ago our working lives were suddenly and unceremoniously turned upside down when we transitioned to working fully remote in light of the physical distancing recommendations. Luckily, as a tech company, we’re used to working remotely and the change wasn’t technically challenging — but at the People & Relations and Agilist teams, we were more concerned about the other aspects. What would an extended period of remote work do to the MOIA spirit? …

by Ada Pohl

MOIA is what I like to call a full-stack service. The vehicles, drivers, and apps (including the public-facing user app, driver app, and navigation app) are all developed by MOIA.

Each app has different needs when it comes to testing.

Let’s go through the navigation app, which the drivers use within the cars to navigate to customers’ locations and then to their respective destinations.

It can be especially tricky to test. Verifying that we are able to compute a route when a passenger books a trip is one thing – but making sure that it is always…

Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban have taken over the modern software development process, but each company is a unique system with its own challenges. With the various definitions of “agile” floating around, what does agile mean to us at MOIA?

MOIA was founded in 2016 to build a modern ride-sharing service for the cities of the future — reacting quickly to change has always been a part of our core DNA.

Our agile coaches, Antonela and Laura, will tell you more about how they work; to improve how we work.

Our Agile Coaches Antonela Mestrovic (on the left) and Laura Schulz (on the right).

What does agile mean at MOIA?

Antonela: To me, agile is about finding creative and…

By Nihal Gonsalves & Jay Morrow

You may know MOIA from our eye-catching vehicles driving around Hamburg, or from our apps — but what’s behind the scenes at MOIA Engineering?

MOIA runs a ride-sharing service in Hamburg and Hanover, with our own apps, backend services, drivers, and vehicles, that all come together to provide a fully-integrated, affordable, convenient, and modern ride-sharing experience.

Through this series of blog posts we’d like to show you what makes MOIA run, demystifying some of the magic behind how our technology runs the ride-sharing service for the cities of the future.

Our code on the road: the connected, all-electric MOIA+6

The MOIA+6 is at…

MOIA Engineering

Our code on the road to future mobility.

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